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The purpose of Net Metering is the consumer to pay as little as possible for electricity due to producing energy through photovoltaic systems.

The meter of EAC which is placed in homes showing the kilowatt hours (kWh) consumed in every two months and based on this indicator calculates the amount to be paid after adding some fees, surcharges, various charges, VAT etc.

Roughly, each domestic consumer pays for each kWh consumed approximately 0,22 €.

In the case of Net Metering one meter calculates the difference between the kWh consumed and kWh produced from the Photovoltaic System and eventually only this difference will be paid.

Ideally consumers should produce as much they consume so to have zero behalf of EAC.

The system of 3kWp will save about 1200 € per year from the accounts of the EAC.

The system of 4kWp will save about 1600 € per year from the accounts of the EAC

The System of 10Wp will save about 3600€ per year from the accounts of the EAC

The beneficiaries of the grant must apply first to the Energy Foundation which will provide authorization for the right of sponsorship and then will apply to EAC. The non-beneficiaries of sponsorship will apply directly to the EAC. In both cases, our company will assume no cost for preparing applications, the techno-economic study of the electrical design and all other documents will be required.