Costas Photi Edafomichaniki ltd Combines knowledge and experience covering the entire fields of Geotechnical Engineering and Geology. As part of its main field of consulting activities, the company is also often involved with structural design, hydraulics, environmental geotechnics and environmental studies. The services provided cover all stages of civil engineering works from early design to construction supervision and sometimes to continuing monitoring during the life of the project.

Οffers high quality services which ensure the technical and economic success of the projects. The permanent scientific staff of the company has wide skills and experience in practice, in planning and design and in basic and applied research. Moreover, a number of regular and occasional collaborators of high calibre contribute with their expertise and experience in dealing with interdisciplinary subjects. We can perform high quality field work with its privately owned equipment, while the office hardware and software and special skills guarantee international state of the art standards.

The head office is located in a privately owned 260m2 in omonias avenue in Limassol.

Costas Photi Edafomichaniki ltd owns a 120m2 state-of-the-art Soil, Rock, Aggregates and Concrete Laboratory facility located in the area of Limassol, operating since March 1994 and 60m2 Soil, Rock, Aggregates and Concrete Laboratory facility located in the area of Paphos, operating since March 2006.

The laboratory is fully equipped with the latest technology measuring devices, connected to a computer network.
In 2013 the sector of renewable energy sources added. Importer of the German photovoltaic panels Qcell and representative of Photovoltaic bases inox mare, revolutionized the field of photovoltaic systems. The goal and our strategy is the combination of EFFICIENCY of ASSURANCE and CONTROL in order to ensure optimal relationship between COST and PROFIT for the customers.